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10 Pastel Lightroom Presets is a collection of premium lightroom presets.

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About the Product

10 Pastel Lightroom Presets is a collection of premium lightroom presets.


  • 10 Premium Lightroom Presets
  • Professional effect
  • Easy to use
  • Fast rendering
  • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4 and/or higher versions
  • Works with RAW, JPG, TIFF & DNG
  • Use high resolution photos for the best result

These Presets are a great way to save time and produce consistent results when editing. With one click these will product results similar to those picture in the listings images.

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Kamu bisa download APK Lightroom Mobile Premium / You can download Premium Lightroom Mobile APK :


  • Compatible with : Adobe Lightroom Mobile & Desktop

Silahkan download file dengan me ngeklik tombol “DOWNLOAD” Dibawah / Please download the file by clicking the “DOWNLOAD” button below

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