6 Ways to Overcome “System UI Has Stopped”

If you are a user of Android phones from the Samsung, LG, Sony and Motorola brands , maybe some of you have gotten the messageaffection which contains something like this “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped”

If you are a user of Android phones from the Samsung, LG, Sony and Motorola brands , maybe some of you have gotten the messageaffection which contains something like this “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped”

Indeed, this problem sometimes appears suddenly and goes away on its own. However, if the message doesn’t go away, maybe some of the tips that DroidPoin have prepared below can help you:

1. Restart the phone

Before you try different ways, it would be better for you to restart your device. Because by restarting / rebooting, all processes running on your Android phone will stop, everything will return to its original state like when you first turned on the phone, of course this can eliminate some of the problems that exist on your Android phone.

2. Remove Widget

This one solution does sound like a joke, but some users who have encountered a similar problem have suggested doing this. Chances are that one or two widgets are not compatible, so please remove them and then restart them.

3. Install and uninstall updates

In addition to deleting widgets, it is reported that application updates (especially Google applications) are among the ones that cause this problem to appear frequently. So, please do an update if you never update the application.

However, if the latest version is causing the problem, then you can choose to uninstall the update or restore the application to the factory version (specifically for pre-installed applications).

4. Clear Cache

If you still have important data in a certain application, but are interrupted by the message “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped”. Maybe you can select the clear cache option, because this option will not delete your data or files in certain applications.

5. Reset App Preferences

If clearing the cache doesn’t fix your problem, maybe you can try resetting the app preferences on your phone. You need to know, this method will not affect any personal data or files on your cellphone. However, the settings that you have previously set such as permissions, data restrictions, default apps, etc., will be reset to their original settings.

The method is very easy, that is, you just have to go to Settings and open the application menu. From there, just tap the menu more (point three) and select the Reset app preferences option.

6. Update Software

The cause of this problem is not known for sure. However, because it has something to do with the system, please try checking for updates on your device. Who knows, the cause is because you never did a software update .

That’s it guys, 6 tips from DroidPoin to solve the problem if the message “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” appears. Hope it is useful

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