Bloody Bastards MOD APK

Bloody Bastards MOD APK and participate in extreme middle ages combating fights.

Present about Bloody Bastards 

Bloody Bastards is an item of the author Tibith, a name that’s quite unusual to everybody. At the same time, this is also their just item sold on Google Play. Unlike the usual combating video games, this video game selects a middle ages setting where the bastards combated with their sibling. You need to control a personality and loss your various other siblings to gain the right to inherit the property of the family. Bloody Bastards is a free video game, if you want a great deal of money to buy equipment, you can decide to download and install the MOD variation from APKMODY. The video game is just about 8MB in dimension, it doesn’t take in too a lot of your memory.


Bloody Bastards is a combating video game, so you’ll take part in remarkable and intense 1v1 fights. These fights have no umpires, no rules and no doctors. The fight finishes just when among both warriors is beat (health and wellness bar equates to 0). Presently, the video game has just one setting (combating inning accordance with the story). You fight one at a time of the game’s warriors to open the next challenger. Your maximum score is 3 celebrities, but you just need at the very least one celebrity to open new challengers.

The lack of variety in settings is a minus of Bloody Bastards. I think if this video game needs more PvP setting so I can have fun with my friends. It may be much more fascinating to integrate with dungeons or some fields that permit you to combat monsters. Presently, you can just fight various other warriors controlled by AI. The problem degree is enhanced by degree, but it’s easy to earn gamers feel bored and unappealing such as they are having fun in the first couple of degrees.


When compared with various other combating video games on mobile systems, Bloody Bastards has totally various manages. Say goodbye to display keys, you need to fully feel and touch the settings on the screen. Double-tap left wing or right of the screen to move. Touch and turn the right to use the sword, touch the left to use the shield. Theoretically, the control is quite simple (although it takes a while to obtain used to it). However, you’ll have a difficult time taking part in 1v1 fights with real challengers.

To practice, the video game gives you a Tutorial feature. In it, you can freely practice and attack a wood dummy.


If you are wondering what money performs in Bloody Bastards, it helps you buy equipment for your personality. You can buy a great deal of points such as tools, guards, shield, trousers, shoes and hats. Not just does it make your personality cool, but it also gives you some offending and protective statistics. With great tools and shield, you can have the opportunity to loss the challengers of the video game.


Video are another outstanding point of the Bloody Bastards. With 2D video design, the activity scenes of the video game are depicted as very impressively and humorous. The personalities in the combating video game resemble puppets. It is quite amusing and impractical. Besides, you can feel that the manages and physics of the video game are also very smooth.

Because of the physical violence in the gameplay and visuals, this video game requires you to be 16 years or older. Every time a gamer is beat, his going will be sliced off by the challenger. Those are pictures not appropriate for children. The funny and impractical picture makes the video game a little bit much less fierce, but not too a lot.

MOD APK variation of Bloody Bastards 

MOD Feature 

Limitless Money: The price of the equipment of the video game isn’t inexpensive. After each suit, you obtain about $ 200. You can x2 rewards, but that is very little. The easiest way to obtain equipment buying money is to use the MOD variation provided by APKMODY. You can shop freely with the cash available. However, you still need to get to the required degree to buy a tool.

How to use? 

Money will increase after you complete the first degree.

Download and install Bloody Bastards MOD APK for Android 

While many factors still need improvement, it is indisputable that Bloody Bastards is a video game well worth spending your time on. Enjoyable, amusing and rather grotesque gameplay has assisted this video game draw in a great deal of gamers. If you’re interested in this video game and its MOD variation, please download and install it via the link listed below.

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