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Do you want to improve your math knowledge every day? Please download QANDA APK, an app to assist you learn math precisely your Android phone.

Introduce about QANDA

Recently, clinical technology has developed significantly. Many thanks to that, human life has more benefit. QANDA – one of the most popular Oriental educational application that uses advanced expert system (AI) technology. Currently, no need for centers or institutions, you can learn how to solve math problems easily and effectively precisely your Android phone. Rather than spending all day looking for a method, you can learn it from others.

This article will give a summary of QANDA, together with its features and effectiveness. You can after that decide to download the app to experience it.

What is QANDA?

QANDA stands for QUESTION AND ANSWER. Perhaps, this title also partly explains how the application works. The main feature of QANDA is to assist you find answers (exact or similar) based on the input question. To use it, you will use the camera on your device, after that take a picture of the question and tap search.

How does QANDA work?

When QANDA gets a picture containing the question, it will immediately spot letters, numbers, math, or text theoretically and appearance for the answer. Keep in mind that the QANDA didn’t answer the question properly. It appearances for similar problems/questions from various other users on the forums and returns the results for you. By doing this, you have more answers with various problem approaches rather than sticking to a solitary method. This is also the greatest distinction in between QANDA and Photomath – both prominent educational applications today.

An app that helps you to solve most of the math problems in high school

Presently, QANDA provides research knowledge and solutions for 3 education degrees: elementary, center, and high school. When you first begin the app, you can select your present grade. Based on this information, the system will filter content to find results much faster.

Not just math knowledge, but QANDA also has a large community to assist you solve exercises related to all-natural sciences such as physics and chemistry.

Besides, QANDA is also considered to be an application that advertises learning motivation. Are you bored of studying alone, having actually no one to ask questions, or having actually too complicated exercises? This community of countless users is constantly at hand, assisting you to overcome challenging problems. From there, you’ll gain more motivation and delight in learning by signing up with a community with the same passion.

English translation tool

If you’re studying English, equating, or searching for words, QANDA will help you with an extremely effective English translation tool. You simply need to catch an item of English text with the camera. The application will acknowledge the text in it and return the significances for you. Many reviews say that QANDA works a great deal better compared to Google Equate. The sentences are totally equated, read relatively fluently and grammatically. Of course, you can leave a such as if it is useful or fallen leaves a dislike and make better suggestions to improve your app’s translation quality.

Q&A with tutors

Machine learning technology will help you find similar results, which have been formerly submitted. However, suppose you do not find an answer or understand the service to the problem? Do not worry, QANDA has a large community of tutors – where you can straight ask questions and obtain one of the most detailed answers.

To use this feature, you swipe from the search icon to the question icon and after that take a picture of the question. After that, a configuration screen will display for you to choose additional information such as knowledge which grade, which topic (math, scientific research, English, social), and post more keeps in mind or photos related to the question. Based on this information, the system will set you with one of the most appropriate tutor.

Presently, the Q & A feature with tutors costs varying from 1500 cents to 2000 cents. You’ll need to pay coins to pay tutors if you want to use this feature.

Download QANDA APK for Android

Not just bring knowledge and solutions to the “dilemma” problems, but the application is also a community where individuals learn and progress with each other. Many thanks to the over factors, QANDA has become the top 1 educational application in Korea, getting to 4.3/5 score factors and greater than 10 million downloads.

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