Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery MOD APK 2.0.25

Tiny Room Tales: Community Mystery is among the best indie challenge ready mobile. Download and install MOD APK (Opened All) variation on our website to experience the complete content of this video game.

Present about Tiny Room Tales: Community Mystery 

Since being launched by Kiary Video games on Google Play, Tiny Room Tales: Community Mystery has impressed the video pc gaming community with experience gameplay combined with incredibly fascinating challenges. Although considered a dupe of NOX, this video game still draws in gamers with many attractive, mystical, fascinating and unexpected aspects. A collection of dilemma challenges are waiting on you to discover. Sign up with currently!


Sign up with the video game, you change right into a skilled investigator. Someday, you receive a letter requesting help. Remarkably, the letter was sent out from his dad. Although it really felt unusual, interest took you to the village of Redcliff, where the letter mentioned. You all of a sudden recognized that Redcliff is a “dead city”, where there are no individuals, just roadways and chilly houses.

In completion, what is happening with his dad and individuals of this unusual city? Many various other questions need your answer by finding the hints spread about Redcliff, thereby uncovering the mystical veil that covers this city.


The gameplay of Tiny Room Tales: Community Mystery keeps the rules of the Escape Room category. Your objective is to appearance for hints hidden in the room and from that deduce the answer. The rooms are shut and contend the very least one door secured. They are designed in 3D video, so you can switch and view from many angles.

If you want to inspect a product, you simply need to touch them. If it is bigger, that is the hint. This is rather just like the classic Point and Click video games.

This video game requires persistence, browse abilities as well as rational thinking. Sometimes there will be hidden items, you need to know the mix of various challenge find them. Take a better appearance at objects and observe from all sides, because hints can be anywhere.

Additionally, Tiny Room Tales: Community Mystery also integrates available tips. You can describe for more suggestions and find a brand-new point of view!

Discover the mystical tale 

The tale in this video game is split right into chapters. You have the opportunity to explore countless structures, from regular residential structures to old burial places.

For instance, in phase one, you discover your own home. Each room because house includes the challenges you need to refix. This is also a place where you review previous memories with your moms and dads, thereby finding hints relates to your father’s present circumstance.

Moving on the next phase, the context changed totally. You’ll discover the financial institution with new rooms and challenges. I have been embeded a scene for quite a very long time. Although the password was found, the control board was broken, which avoided me from going into the password to complete the challenge. Minutes later on, I found some devices, which fixed the control board and it functioned again.

Succeeding chapters will proceed in many various ways. And if you notice, you’ll find that the challenges are not so easy as the first degrees. They become more complex, help you educate your ability to observe and promote thinking.


The video in Tiny Room Tales: Community Mystery are designed in a vivid 3D design. Compared with NOX, this video game not substandard in regards to picture. The history and the rooms are carefully designed, consisting of the tiniest objects.

Main color tone is chilly. This combined with sounds that bring a feeling of mystery and rather grief.

MOD APK variation of Tiny Room Tales: Community Mystery 

MOD feature 

Open All: All chapters and support items are opened. You can choose any content you want.

Download and install Tiny Room Tales: Community Mystery MOD APK for Android 

Overall, Tiny Room Tales: Community Mystery is an intellectual challenge video game well worth the delay of gamers. With gameplay appropriate for touch displays, engaging storylines, beautiful pictures, the video game makes sure to dominate one of the most requiring individuals. Particularly, this video game is totally free. You can choose the initial variation or the MOD variation via the links listed below the article.

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