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(Tips and Tricks) Enjoy YouTube with Minimize or Screen Off

This time I will share a few tips and tricks to enjoy YouTube broadcasts to the fullest. Maybe, some of you already know about these tricks, but for those of you who don't know, you can try them yourself using these tips and tricks and you will be sure to work. So you can still listen to YouTube while minimizing or screen off.

Here’s How to Take 108MP Photos on the Galaxy S21

We all know that Samsung's latest flagship series , the Galaxy S21 series, has a main camera with a resolution of up to 108MP. But there are still many Galaxy S21 users who haven't taken advantage of this feature, either because they don't need it or are still confused about how to take pictures with this resolution!

How to Save HEIF Photos on Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung does include extra large storage on the Galaxy S21 series , starting at 128GB. Even though it is fairly large, it doesn't mean that the storage will never run out, guys, especially if you install lots of applications and games and take photos a lot, especially

Enable HDR10 + Video Recording on the Samsung Galaxy S21

Not only are the pictures okay, the videos taken from the Galaxy S21 series are no less good, especially since there is HDR10 + support. For those of you who don't know, HDR10 + mode or support allows the camera to capture colors that are much more vivid, thus making the videos you take look more dynamic

Activating Director View on the Galaxy S21

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S21 user, then you have to try the feature called Director View in the built-in camera application of the cellphone. This feature is very useful, because you can now take two-way videos (either with the selfie camera or using the main camera).

Having YouTube app problems? Try these 7 Tips!

Since the COVID-19 outbreak spread widely, YouTube seems to have become a mandatory application that must be on smartphones and not a few users have experienced problems with their YouTube application. Indeed, the problems faced by users vary, but the way to fix these problems is not much different!

How to Change Samsung Galaxy S21 Screen Resolution

One of the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is its bright screen, sharp images and supports up to 120Hz refresh rate . But it is like two blades, because of course this will make the Galaxy S21 series phones run out of battery much faster.

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