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7 Photography Tips with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Camera

Besides having extraordinary performance, Samsung also promises the Galaxy S21 with a good camera, so you don't have to worry anymore for the results. However, if the cellphone camera is only used for "snapping" only (especially if it is not) it feels like it is not complete , because there are still many ways to maximize the potential of the Samsung Galaxy S21 camera.

How to take vertical panoramic images on the Galaxy S21

Almost all smartphones today have a panorama mode, it's just that the application of this mode is different. If you want to take horizontal pictures, it's easy, just slide your cellphone camera to the right or left. But what happens if you want to take a vertical panorama?

How to Hide Apps on Samsung Phones

One of the advantages that Samsung phones have is that you can hide applications from the home screen or app drawer . So, suppose you have an application that is very important and you don't want anyone to open it, just hide it!

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